Managers are key to restructures

Managers are key to restructures

An organisational restructure is difficult at the best of times but when you have competitors at your heels, customer satisfaction is low, and staff morale needs a boost, successfully achieving this can be an almost impossible task.

There are many things you need to take into consideration but what can make or break this will be whether your middle managers are on board and are able to act as positive conduits to staff at operational level. It is extremely important that throughout the process an organisation is able to retain such key people. Without this support you may lose control over the situation and reduce trust and co-operation between employees.

Answering the following questions may help an organisation:

  • Why are you changing your structure? You may fully understand the reasons behind the restructure but you need to be able to articulate this in the best possible way to your managers. Otherwise it will appear as though you are changing for change’s sake.


  • When and how often are you planning to communicate the process? Frequent, open and regular communication will help middle managers to pass on messages in a timely manner leading to facts rather than rumours!


  • How and what are you consulting with your staff about? You should be asking staff for feedback at every stage. Ideas and considerations may arise which were not even on your radar.


  • Will reporting relationships change? Establishing clear, and well-defined reporting relationships will reduce stress and anxiety over change.


  • How will staff know that you care about them? Nurture employees throughout the process with training and coaching especially if job roles are likely to shift.


Focus on the positives, keep your managers by your side and you will implement a restructure which will ultimately benefit your business and everyone in it.

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